For more than 10 years, Marc Asmussen has been flying multicopter missions fulfilling a very broad range of requirements on behalf of his customers. Today, multicopter technology permits creating impressive images of architecture. And this is not just about the bird’s-eye view, making an additional perspective of a building or a building complex possible. Moreover, Marc Asmussen also creates photographs that are integrated into visualisations. This allows placing a yet non-existent building perfectly into a photograph of its future scenery. Multicopters are also deployed for visualisations of interiors.

The multicopter can be guided to positions from where the different views of the building are going to be in the future to emulate the view inhabitants of the building will have. This allows pictures, for example, looking through the windows or from the balconies. For an example, see: Penthouse, a visualisation by moka-studio

The multicopter system deployed for these missions is able to carry heavy camera equipment that takes distortion-free, high resolution pictures which are, for example, required for city views. For an example, see: HafenCity, visualisation of the future buildings (in the foreground) by moka-studio