Marc Asmussen

Marc Asmussen has been active in architectural photography for over 15 years. His distinct sense for creative variety and aesthetics as well as his skill to visualize and pronounce ideas are a fundamental basic of his work.

With a profound understanding of structures, combination of materials and details, Marc Asmussen underpins the individual characters of buildings and interiors. His photographic approach is always aligned with the intended expression of the final picture. According to the requirements of the objects and the intended use of the end product, Marc Asmussen deploys various camera systems and specific exposure techniques. This enables architectural photography in tight spaces, very close distances to the object or in difficult lighting situations.

Besides his own high demand on quality, a good, fruitful cooperation with his customers is paramount to Marc Asmussen. In dialogue with his customers, he develops the ideal ideas for the pictures and produces exactly corresponding images. This leads to expressive, atmospheric photos perfectly matching the individual requirement of every project.

Born in 1973 in Hamburg, Marc Asmussen studied civil engineering in Leipzig and Hamburg from 1997 to 2002 which he completed with a university degree in engineering (Dipl.-Ing. FH). Already during his studies, he had worked as a photographer and media designer for different customers.

Since 2003, Marc Asmussen has been working as an architectural photographer for customers in architecture, building, automotive and publishing as well as real estate, hotels and advertising.

Marc Asmussen