Marc Asmussen produces high-quality, distortion-free architectural photographs.
Deploying various camera systems and special lenses, he creates expressive building portraits, day and night time pictures and atmospheric interior photographs. For advertising campaigns on websites, screens and video walls, he makes fascinating 360° views and interactive spherical panoramas in excelling quality.

For aerial photographs, he deploys professional multicopters able to carry heavy camera equipment. With these devices, Marc Asmussen takes GPS-guided photos for use in 3D visualisations as well as impressive aerial photos.

To ensure the perfect look and optimum image quality for every finished picture, Marc Asmussen takes care of careful in-house image post-editing. This guarantees a direct response to every customer wish with a direct reflection in image editing.

Beyond the photographic work itself, Marc Asmussen offers general project consultation, coordination and execution, for example in developing and implementing high-end advertising brochures, corporate presentations and trade show displays. On request, he accompanies his customers from the first sketch to arrangement, organization and the complete printing process right to the finished product.

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  • High-quality architecture photographs
  • Exteriors, building portraits
  • Atmospheric night time pictures
  • Interiors, details
  • 360°-views architectural photography
  • Interactive spherical views
  • HDR Architectural photography
  • Trade show stands
  • Industrial plants
  • Construction processes
  • Architectural photography with multicopters
  • GPS-guided perspectives
  • Multicopter views for visualisations
  • Complex image editing
  • Composite illustrations
  • Optimisation of external image materials
  • Layout and media design
  • Holistic concept consultation